Behind the Scenes: How We Plan A Big Event

Firstly plan a delicious seasonal menu and work with the client to make it extra special. This involves conducting a detailed consultation to gather information about the event’s theme, the number of guests, and any specific food preferences or allergies. 

Once the menu is finalised, we can move on to the next crucial step: ingredient sourcing. Quality ingredients are the foundation of any successful event. 

Our favorite suppliers are – Upper Scale for amazing quality fish straight from Billingsgate Market, Oui Chef for the best seasonal fruit and veg & herbs directly from Covent Garden Market. For meat we either use local Fulham based wholesale Dickensons or The Dorset Meat company for top quality organic meat. They also sell amazing local British cheese.

This attention to detail in ingredient selection sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. The next step is to plan the logistics of the event. One very important step is a site visit. A lot of venues do not have proper kitchens so we need to have a lot of flexibility. We have done events in building sites, communal gardens, parks, used off site kitchens etc.  We also need to coordinate with other suppliers such as florists and event planners and hire all the necessary equipment and decorations.

After the event, we handle the cleaning and breakdown of the catering setup. Yes, this process can be extensive, but the pleasure of our guests, as they delight in our meticulously prepared dishes and create lasting memories.


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